August 2nd. 2013 EDC

Light weight carry for some automotive work yesterday;

My “oily/messy” EDC set, an alternate set I carry when I know for a fact that I will be doing heavily greasy/oily automotive work. I don’t mind getting oil, grease, dirt etc on my EDC on any given day if needed, but it can be impossible to have time to clean my preferred gear fully between really messy days, and the cleaner or more social days, or between different activities in one day…  So if I’m expecting or planning a day in the shop, this is what I grab.


Wingman modded to have a file in place of the knife, Nirk NOVO with its simple open design that is easy to clean, and simple dual mode BC10 light, bright, compact and simple build(my preferred regular EDC light, the Rofis JR10 has a rotating head that would probably be impossible to get a lot of oil and muck out of… 😉 ) and my trusty Zippo.



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