Cryo lock bar stabilizer mod.

So, a popular modification for the Kershaw Cryos and frame locks in general that have the over travel stop on the lock bar, is to replace the disc with a cartridge case head. In the case of the Cryo, its usually a 9mm case, since its a perfect fit for the recess in the bar.  While I do respect the 9mm as a good cartridge that I love to shoot, the Cryo seems more robust than that… like it deserves a .45 or bigger. I just happen to have a lot of .45 colt cases since I shoot and re-load a lot of it. Going through my cases I also found a .45 schofield case(Identical to .45 colt but shorter, like 38 special is to 357 mag.)  Perfect! big bore, but a somewhat rarer chambering. 

I cut the case off, got a new screw that I custom cut to length, and did the same with this as I did the brass handle scale; overlayed it on top of the disc, instead of replacing it.


I left it a little long, but it surprisingly doesn’t hinder a comforta ble grip(mainly since I’m left handed), and actually adds some purchase to the back of the knife for drawing it from my pocket.  But I might cut it down a bit shorter later. Will see how I like it for a couple weeks.



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