Leather Scaled Kabar Warthog

Just something fun, and something I’ve been wanting to try for a while; leather scales on a knife.

We’ve all seen or owned one of the stacked leather handles, and I’ve made or re-handles a few knives in that style, but the way they are done, the leather is generally sealed, either with the epoxy of stacking it, and/or oiled and buffed, and verry seldom Feels like leather any more. 

A while back a company(I wanna say Cold Steel, but not sure) came out with some knives done this way with a flat leather scale, and I remembered having wanted to try it years ago… Lately I’ve been moding knives again, and I figured why not. Especially since I have several inbound/in rotation that are G10 scaled and i Hate G10(Sorry folks!)

So, last night I took apart the Ka-Bar Warthog that Scbubba gave me, and fit it with some 1/4” veg tanned cow hide.  Edges rounded, buffed, sealed with super glue, sanded, and buffed again to keep from fraying. Otherwise I left it un sealed; soft and grippy!  Also with this thick of leather being stable, flexible, but stable, I didn’t use anything but the scale screw that the knife had, and the pivot to mount them.. no glue, epox etc. They’re staying in place fine, no gaps/pull up etc.

 It feels great, its thicker than the stock scales, and soft, grippy, but solid too.

No clip… I forgot to drill those holes in that side piece before re-assembly. I’ll poke them through with an awl and carve out recesses for the heads later.

Will see how it behaves. Obviously its going to draw moisture, and oils chemicals etc in my automotive work, so this one might not see “full” edc, but it will deff get used!

I also hit the whole thing with the buffer and green chrome compound, which took off/thinned out a lot of the black on the blade. It also green stained the rough leather in a couple spots… (WD40 takes the buffing residue off marvelously, but that will also stain the leather.. I’ll live with the green tint, it’ll wear off anyway.)









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