New Knife; CRKT NIRK Novo.

Just got this one in the mail, and its great!  A plain and simple semi wharncliffe combo edge lock back… That is also original and different. 😉

The handle is stamped out of a single piece of stainless steel, with the lock bar INTEGRAL! Amazing design.

Blade locks up solid in all directions, no movement at all, but still has a light spring to it, easy to release. But also, I Can’t unlock it while holding it in a using grip… you’d think since the entire lock ”bar” is exposed, that it would be easy to unlock it accidentally, but it only opens with a directed press on just the tail of the bar, squeezing the rest of the bar behind the “pivot” in its center just flexes the bar… It only “pivots” when pressing the extreme back end!  

Came Razor sharp too, and the blade is centered perfectly.






And this thing is LIGHT, but feel solid; I got curious, and dug out my only other minimalistic folder, my Gerber EAB Lite. Believe it or not, the EAB is noticeable heavier, even though its a lot smaller in size! 




I have only one small negative point;

Now, the size of the Novo is great; small, slim and pocketable. But with this handle shape, its a bit short, and in a 4 finger grip the tail digs my palm a bit. BUT, slide up to a 3 finger, or even 3.5 finger grip and its great, tail sits mid palm, and sitting forward it acts like a longer blade.




Oh yes! I almost forgot, LOVE the thumb stud shape on this knife! I have some issues with a lot of studs, if they’re low profile like this, they are too small of a dia and dig into my thumb… Nut this one is sort of a mushroom shape, short and larger dia on top…





Overall I think this one will get a lot of pocket time with its thin razor sharp blade, and light weight! Plus, with absolutely no scales to soak up oils and fluids, and no tight little spaces to trap dirt and grit, I can use it for Anything, and clean up will be a snap!

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