Case knives that I have.

Circle C Bluegrass green bone SS Peanut. My constant companion from aprox June 2007. It was my only EDCed knife for about 3 years straight, all I carried. I still carry it All the time, regaurdless of whatever other knife I carry. (OK, a couple times lately i’ve swaped it for the next Peanut down, because it felt dumb to carry two Peanuts.. 😉 but thats onlylike 3 days out of 6 years that I haven’t carried it! )


William Russel Case “WR” Shield Brown bone SS Peanut.


Pocket Worn Red bone CV Moose.



BubbaGum bone SS Russlock.(secong pic is better representationof the color, although it is still just a tad darker than that)



Navy Blue bone SS Cheeah


Collectors stop reading here!! 😉

1 of 300 limited run Red Christmas tree bone SS Mid Folding Hunter. Now one of a kind, I took it apart and took out the stupid liner lock, re-ground the blade to a Flat grind to a No secondary bevel edge. Also took off the pocket clip and filled the screw holes.


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