Third thumb stud for Enlan M011B

I guess actually this is the 3rd  stud version, but 4th arrangement I’ve used..

So, I was originally using it with the stock stud, then I had the generic double sided stud on it, the I put the stock one back on the back side for left handed use, and contoured the scale to clear it… The I found out(painfully) that it wasn’t letting the blade close all the way.

I figured it was either dremmel out a space on the lock side so the stud would drop in and let the blade close further, or go back to the smaller dia double stud.

But the smaller stud is rather painful to use at times, such a small dia sharp angled top, it digs in a bit too much. It also stands a bit high over the scales on both sides, and would eventually wear at my pockets…

 So, I got to thinking, and decided to try the after market universal stud that I have…


Fits good, sits back from the handle with good clearance, has good grip but isn’t ‘sharp’ and is ambidextrous without standing too far above the scales to cause pocket wear.




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