Birthday Gift; my new Nook Simple Touch!

So, for my birthday last year Mom got me a NOOK Color, which I LOVE and use a LOT… Most notably, its great for magazine subscriptions, and its the greatest Bible I’ve ever had–Infinite note taking and highlighting at church without messy pages! Not to mention I can stream youtube and pretty much anything else off the net at any wifi hotspot there is…

But it can be a bit big to cart around all the time, so I’ve been wanting at Nook SimpleTouch for times when all I want is to read-when I don’t need color, apps, net etc, and don’t want to lug around the big one…

YUP! Mom just surprised the heck out of me, that’s what she got me this year!


An old friend and his family took us out to dinner for my birthday(Thanks again Westo,Suy, and Charlotte!) so while in town I went and activated the Nook at B&Ns free wifi, and they had ALL(for any model Nook) Nook covers on sale for $15… Went through all of them, and found one I liked(the only one with a decent leather feel, and the book names on it aren’t too hideious… I’d prefer plain, but I really do like it.)




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