New helmet.

New EDC that goes with the previous post. I HATE wearing a helmet, their noisy, and with a full face shield I feel too disconnected from the world which defeats about 90% of the reason for ridding a bike… but lately the average temp while I’m ridding has been 35*F… Last might it was 20*F coming home… at 20*F, the wind chill at 60MPH makes it -4*F. So, I started out with goggles and a half helmet this week. Then went to a Open face with glasses and a face mask… Screw it! Went and got this one from a buddy that still had it after he sold his Harley last year. Didn’t need it so he gave it to me.  No idea what the brand is, its not marked anywhere(weird!) 

I gotta say, I really like it, the field of vision to the sides is REALLY wide, I actually get more peripheral vision than I do with my open face—this thing must be a lot thinner on the sides, or cut back farther than the other open face one. It even has wider FOV than the shorty!(Amazingly!)

Never worn a full face/full shield that has this much side vision before. 

Still doesn’t cut a lot of cold air from my lower chin/neck,(better than the others though!)  but its nice and airy too, no fogging issues like I get with a full face in these temps.

Will see how I like it long term as to whether I keep wearing it when it gets warmer out.  If I do decide to keep on wearing it, gotta find out what it is, and get a size up, its a bit too snug. Its a Large, but it is a lot tighter than my others that are Large sized.


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