The previous version of my Modified LM Wave.

Circa Late Sept. 2012

Well, the Improviser I built is(was) a fabulous tool, having almost all I need(ed) and nothing I don’t(didn’t)… But. It is(was) rather large and heavy to carry at times.

So, I decided to do what I probably should have done when I first got a Surge and though it was so big; Build a tool with the Wave as a base platform.

With my well used Wave, my Wingman, and a new Rebar, I set out to build a Improviser Jr.

I ended up with an almost identical tool load out, minus the outside bit holder, deciding to keep a knife blade for a while(and I only have one Wave bit holder). And, since the inner space of the Wave is thinner than the Surge, I came up short on space, so I opted to leave out the seldom used can opener(just watch, now I’ll need the darned thing! 😉 ), and have the awl in its place.

No need to remove the inner spring pieces on this one to clear the Rebar head, but I will need to slightly shorten the fixed flat driver, OR narrow the awl a little to let the handles close fully.(shown in pic with them both open, nothing else is in the way, and the same happens, ie it closes fine with either tool closed… )

Named the Swift after Tom Swift; Inventor, Improviser, and Adventurer. (Been reading the original books lately; 100 years old, but still great fun!)

The Swift IIA;


And with its big brother, the Improviser;

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