Leatherman Bit Holder on Victorinox Spirit

Was done Circa Jan. 2013

Here is the other mod I did recently,

Had a bit driver from a Surge left over from the one I scrapped for parts, and with the phillips on my Spirit rounded off and useless… I thought why not fit it to the Vic. I cut the tip off, notched both and welded together, then spring tempered the shaft/weld.

I never really use the Spirit anymore, but had to do it just to see if I could make it work.

Looks terrible I know. I wasn’t carring about looks when I ground back the welds, was only looking at strength/depth of them. I’ll fine sand polish it later if I have time to do it. 😉

Unfortunatelly, my welder is a little big for this kind of work, and with too much heat I melted more than I intended… and ended up shifting the pieces and it gave a slight twist to the holder on the shaft. Looks terribly wonky, but it works perfectly fine.




Now that I figured out how to notch the bit holder on the Wave to take full 1/4″ hex bits, I may notch this one, cut and re-weld it shorter for clearance, and a bit straighter in turn.

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