Flashback EDC

circa late 90s, early 2000s..

This pic would be exactly it circa ’99 to ’02 or ’03(except this was my Dads Maglite, I can’t find my Camo one or the green one I had after the camo one died in about 2000… )

the Zippo(which originally had ALASKA and a white wolf printed on the front) I had from around ’95, caried EDC after about 97. The Leatherman PST EDCed from about late ’97 or early ’98 onward. a Mag-lite (was Camo) from about ’95 or ’96 onward…  The phone was new in ’99 IIRC.  The watch I got in about ’95, or ’96, EDC of it lasted to ’01 when I went to a wrist watch. 

So everything but the phone from ’97 to ’01.

somewhere in Late ’02 to or early ’03 I got a newer phone.

For reference, I was 15 in 2000 🙂

I still carried the PST, Mag, and lighter up till mid to late ’06.



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