A new hobby or two…

Well, I’ve gained two new obsessions hobbies this last week.

First, is Knots.

Yup, knots. :)

Big rafting trip comming up in June, and I’m getting into canoeing as soon as spring hits, but I realized that i have no idea how you securely tie up a boat… and make it easy to untie. Learned that on last falls hunting trip, actually. 

So, a knot book, and some 550 cord, and I’ve already learned about 4 or 5, and have a list of several more I’m practicing.  I can now be found with a 4′ chunk of 550 in my pockets most of the time, so if I have a spare few minutes, I can practice the ones that are being harder to memorize. :)

I’ll post a list of what I’m learning later(got it wrote down, but not handy), but any recomendations of anything you think would be handy for me, are more than welcome. :)

Oh yeah, almost forgot; In that, for the first time after years of trying off and on, I FINALLY tied a monkey fist!


The other new hobby is ice fishing. I’d actually been out to try it once before, but that was last spring and it was well over freezing, and the ice was LOUD… Guy I was with had never heard it that loud there, so we got off the ice fast.  Only got about 1/2 of fishing then.   Yesterday though, I was out with another new friend for about 5 hours, and learned a lot. Also caught my first fish since I was 3 years old!   6 or 7 catches later, and two nice 9″ lake trout that I brought home for dinner, and I’m hooked!(no pun intended)



My edc for my ice fishing Saturday;






And what got a Lot of use; Skeletool for pulling hooks/releasing fish, and the CV Sodbuster for cutting bait, and dispatching/cleaning/butterflying the fish.   Sucker worked like there were zipper holding those fish together ;) smooth and fast.


That Sodbuster was the only blade to touch those fish from lake to plate. :D

On the way home, I stopped and got my own ice fishing rig, a cheap rod/reel, and some lures. :D  Gonna go through my gear, put together a dedicated knife and multitool, some cord, fire kit, etc for a fast grab kit to keep with the rod so I can head out fast any time.   

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Some small mail call items…

..from the past several days/week or two.

I got a gift card for christmas, for $25, but the card was an older one that accidentally got mixed in with new ones the person was giving… Not that it was used, mind you, just that it had been activated, then not given. After a year of inactivity it started charging $2 a month. 8 months later I got it and it had $9 left on it. 

It also didn’t have the PIN with it, so I couldn’t use it locally. I registered it with its service online and threw it at my paypal account. Simple.

Then I had to find something to get that cost $9.

You know how hard it is to find ANYTHING that costs less than $10 anymore? Let alone not over $10 with shipping? Or trying to combine sub $5 items and shipping and still stay under $9?? Ugh! This took some work, I can tell you!

Only one item from my ebay watch list came out low enough, with cheap international shipping from china, and one other item I had wanted and had bookmarked, had free USA shipping… With those two I managed to hit about $8.45. Close enough!

The first was this small leather pouch and chain made for pocket watches.




I won’t say it wasnt worth what I paid; It is pretty nice. But it is cheap too. Although, the chain is probably worth the $, so I can’t really complain either. ;) Its not leather, but looks and feels like a pleather. I don’t mind pleather for some things, but this is a bit stiff and a little more plastic-y feeling than I’d prefer.  I’ve no complaints, and it might work out fine, will have to see how the stuff creases where the flap bends, if it decides to crack/tear after some use.  Worth a shot for basically $4, so I’m happy. :)


The other item was this colapsible cup; 

They had three sizes, and I got the biggest, convertingthe ml capacity to oz.s first, to make sure it was big enough… I just hadn’t really thought it out, that it would be physically this big! I wanted this capacity, but in my mind the diameter of the thing would have been about half or .75 of this… lol.  Its not a problem, just a surprise. :)  





A Field Notes, and my 4.25” trapper for scale;



I had one like this when I was a kid, it was red and plastic, and I always though it was the coolest thing. Lost it long ago, and for year every time i came across one of these stainless steel ones online I’d want one. Just never got around to getting one. 

These were once a really sweet idea, for a travel cup, since not Everything could be had in personal size 20oz bottles, or 12 oz(or smaller) cans, like it is now. Now you just buy or pack the small spersonal sizes.   Then, if you wanted a drink it was either drink from the gallon or bigger container, or find a cup… So for travel, having your own cup, and a compact packable one, was reat.  

Its nicely built, the lid fits pretty tight, although I might make a strap keeper or pouch for it just to be safe(the ring/chain on it attaches to the lid so if it does come apart, you lose the cup. Although practically speaking, the lid would make a decent cup in itself!) 

Its well fit in the colapsible sections, comming together tightly and easily, but also colapsing down easilly. 

The next items were not from the gift card events, but wre simply something I had wanted, and sonce I had a few spare $$ in my account I went ahead. 




Its a patch from American Adventurists.com (thats a forum and organization for outdoor explorers, adventurers, travelers etc. Lots about trailer travel, cross country, and round the world exedition type trips, and hiking/camping too. But on the everymans level, not the rich world adventurer like it sounds… although there are some high dollar gloge trotting stuff there too.)  It all embodies sort of a “Get out there and do it!” mind set, thus the “Travel, Explore, Live” on the logo/patch. Seemed to fit into what I do and aspire to do, so I figured I’d get one first chance I could. :)   

They have patches and stickers… I ordered a patch. And they threw in two free stickers! at $3 each to order, they just sent me $6 back!  Not sure who on that end decided that was good business ;) lol With the patch only being $10, and shipping $2, I made out great, getting $16 in gear for $6!!  Regaurdless of costs though, And they probably really don;t care about it that much, its sweet to get the freebies, a cool gesture on their part. :)        (Unless of course it was a mistake in order processing and they didn’t mean to do it… AND I Will contact them and make sure I don;t owe them for the stickers!)     


The patch came with hook velcro on it, and a circle of loop side velcro stuck to that, I assume so if you don’t have a place with velcro already on it, to put it on, you have a section that can be sewn or glued on… Might also be for keeping the hook stuff on the patch from collecting lint/debris etc like the stuff tends to do if left open. Either way, its a nice touch! 

I had intended it for the front of my notebook cover, where I have added a small section of industrial strength adheasive backed velcro for patches.  So thats where its going for now, giving my wallet/gas tank ballance guage patch a ”rest”.








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Easy Tuesday Carry

Light duty day around the homestead…



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I must say, So Long, Farewall and God Bless You, to a dear friend.


Title of this post is explained below… Its started and inspired at this time(I didn’t think I was going to post much about this) by a gift that came in the mail over the weekend.


Its a bead made of silver carbon fibre and blue glow epoxy. Got this in the mail from a friend at EDCF… Really touching gift, as a remembrance piece for another friend from there that recently passed away.

Story is that he made a couple of these for a offline friend of his, ans his wife, as a thank you for that friends service; He is a LEO. (Law Enforcement Officer). Its on the concept of “Thin blue line” a term used for those that serve in blue, LEOs, a thin line between the safe world we have and the chaos it would otherwise be, between good and evil.  

Turned out he had enough materials made for a couple extras.

He had sent one of the extras to another guy we know on EDCF as a gift… It arrived just days after our other friend passed away. Spooky. errie. frealy timming…  However you want to put it, it was weird. —Since the maker of the beads did not yet know of the mans passing.   Turned out to be a good rememberance item to keep in honor of our fallen friend.  

After I had made some comments on the forums about that friend, and having known him, he(the bead maker) decided I should have the other left over bead for that reason…

And I will keep it for that reason, it IS a good item to use in rememberance.  Gotta find a way/place to carry it so I’ll always have it on me.

The point being, since I haven;t exactly been clear here; our friend was a long time LEO, and also US military Vet. He stood that blue line, proudly, for much of his life.   He was a gaurdian good, and The deffinition of that blue line, through and through.

I have no idea what he did for the army… in civilian law enforcement he ran the ragged edge of that thin blue line.. Doing the rougher end of drug enforcement. I know he did border patrol for a while. I know of at least one instance with joint DEA and south american drug enforcement agencies, and border patrol where they were door busting drug manufacturing operating in the middle of south america… 

 You know in the movies, when SWAT does door busting, that first guy in after them, but before the area is clear? Or the officer who has the case who is running it that Leads SWAT in? Thats our guy.   Or the guy that spends two months living in a cardboard box behind or in a dumpster in a grimey alley to get the case evidence? Thats our guy.  I know of his having done both of those things within the past year.

Also the nicest, most easy going, give you the shirt off his back, or anything else you need kind of guy that you could ever meet. In the last few months he was taking a lot of his free time to donate to the disables veterans in his area..  A christian, a loving husband and father, and great friend.

Ironically he did not die in the line of duty, but in another fight, against lymphoma… Late august to early Sept. of 2015 it was discovered, already at stage 3. Progressing to stage 4 before the end of Oct, he was moved from hospital to hospice care in early November. Basically Unresponsive from early to mid Nov. onward, he passed away on Jan 6, 2016.  He was 43. Far, Far Too young to go. He left a wife and a 14 year old son, and many, many hearts whom he touched, who will forever miss him.  

God bless and keep you Jason, my friend. You will be dearly missed by many.  I look foreward to seeing you on those golden streets someday.

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A little winter time prep work…

Or maybe repair work is more accurate. Some prep work for doing repairs, while preparing for the rest of the winter? 

lol. Anyway.

Another thing I did Saturday, was finally taking apart my snow plow hoist motor (it started sticking while plowing a couple months ago, would lock up and I’d have to rap on the motor to get it to let go and run again. Real pain to get out and do between passes… )

(Not that it matters but this is on topic because I used my carried Leatherman box wrench to break lose the bolts, and the 1/4 drive set that’s EDC’d in the truck to take them out. )

Yup, I think it needs new brushes….


Not bad though for about 40 years of use though .


40 might actually be a little inaccurate, but I can remember 20 to 25 years where they weren’t replaced, and I don’t remember Dad ever talking about having replaced them at all before that, or ever… He got the hoist(a Meyers E-46) around/between 78 and 80.. The date on the bottom of the motor from the factory is 11/20/74…

I’d say its at least 30 years. Heck, even the 25 years I personally remember is pretty good!

(for those that don;t know, the motor runs the hydrallic pump that pressurizes the ram to lift the plow.)

I’ve been trying to do an educated guess at a run time that might be on that motor every year, but there are a lot of variables to consider… too many I think. Figure we plow an average of 4 or 5 times a winter for our yard, which is about an acre more or less to clear, and then probably half of the years we did the road, which is about a 1/2 mile. I make probably 40 passes or lift cycles every time I do the yard, probably the same every time I do the road.

No idea what to add for when I’ve hired out to plow for neighbors the last few years.

Each cycle has to be 15 to 30 seconds of run time on the motor under load, heavier load if its colder/the fluid is thicker….

yeah. A lot of run time, even if its in short bursts.

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Sunday Funday EDC

Sundays social/dressy/church carry;


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Saturday winter adventure(and carry)

Last Saturday’s outdoor adventure carry;


And the adventure;


Weather was soposed to warm up Sunday to the 20s at least, so I’d planned to get the quad out for some fun… But the cabin fever got to me Saturday, so I braved the -2F and went ridding anyway.

Kawasaki quads sure are cold blooded, but it’s amazing what starting fluid can do!

It’s gotta have a carb fuel issue on the idle circuit, cause it started way too easy with just a tad of the ether…

Better than it did in summer, and it was -2F! Hard starts, and crappy idle without help; needs a carb cleaning.

Gotta get my tires fixed too, 3/4 go flat if it sits a day, 1 will go flat in two hours ridding… Bummer since I just paid to have these mounted last fall and they immediately leaked…

Overall a good day though, and some fun ridding, the first time I’ve had this wheeler into the deep snow since I’ve had it. Got stuck too Deep snow was fine, but getting back up out of it onto the hard packed trail 2′ higher was “interesting” Slight lack of traction cutting gard pack up hill (like straight up )

Cold is the word for it though! I’d forgotten how cold quads are in the winter! Ya never realize how warm it is on a snowmobile with the windshield, or even without one, as your behind the motor/hood, and it shields you. Plus the wind blows heat off the motor back at you… Not So on a quad where you above the motor and lose the heat behind you, also being above 90% of the fenders and cowlings, your Really exposed to the wind… Gotta get me a windshield!

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Notebooks for 2016

Went through the other day and organized my Field Notes and Word. notebooks adventure logs for the new year.


The top row, the 8 I have in use, left to right, 1 graph, and one ledger from last years ambition edition in my leather cover(each about half used, so I have one books worth on me, ledger for lists, graph for notes) for general every daye life to-do and notes.

Then a expedition edition for EDC duty on wet/snowy more extreme days.

The yellow Alaska one from the state fair set for church sermon/bible study/prayer notes, and it’s brother the red Alaska edition for planning my outdoor trips/adventures.

An ambition planner lives at home as a fast easy journal of days events.

The Bradley Mountain/Word. Adventure Log, for recording those adventures and trips . And last but not least, the birch version of the Shenandoah edition, that I somehow tore into while carrying (like someone started to tear it in half), it’s now a little slow/hard to flip through, so I really purposed it for home shop project use.

Middle row is what I have left in untouched reserve; A couple from the Shenandoah set, a couple Adventure Logs, a Expedition, and an Ambition planner.

Bottom shot is the pocket wear on my first two used up from the Ambition set. They really do hold up pretty well to bate pocket use, that’s about 4 months of jeans back pocket carry wear on each of those!

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