EDC, Blizards, and Crosses, Oh My!

Otherwise known as pocket dump pics and trip reports for 11-21-15, 11-22-15, and 11-24-15.

Saturday, adventures in chuch cleaning, driving around in a mini blizzard, and crawling around in 6” of fresh snow under a truck(checking the driveline, my 4 wheel drive is acting funny);






From Sunday, slow easy day handing out with friends after/between church services;










And, then Tuesday, out driving around in a BIG Blizzard, and adventures in Religeous Illumination(putting Christmas lights around a cross ;) )









A buddy I was helping figured that out, its the rope style lights, tucked into a channel thats around the cross on the sidding, he figured that if we tucked the light behind into the channel, it’d do this back glow, and hide the lights at the same time… As you can see it worked FANTASTICALLY!  

I really didn’t do much other than stand around and kibitz,and supply flashlights for stringing extention cords…. about 3000 fracking feet(OK, about 100 feet) of them since the only plugs on the building are on the OPPOSITE end! But yeah, don’t give me any credit in this beautiful sight, he did all of the work. 

Actually, He(God) should get all the credit here for allowing us to be able to do it.



Some blizzard driving…  Got a bit thick out there. Some times like these I wish there were street lights on more than this 1/2 mile of my 20 mile drive between home and church/town etc. ;)  (Actually, it depends on the storm… sometimes its a lot easier to drive in this stuff in the dark than in the light.)





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Holiday Knife time.

Its getting to that time of year, so I got out my holiday knife.


Case red Christmas Tree bone Mid Folding Hunter. in TrueSharp Stainless.

These were a limited run in thechristmas tree bone, of 300 knives, made in 2003.  I got it in a round table knife trade (everyone puts their name in, names draw randomly to a list, 1st  guy sends to 2nd, 2nd  to 3rd, etc, last guy sends to the 1st..) in about 2006.. Was my first Case knife actually.  

I had it about 2 weeks max, then modified the snot out of it. These come with a non removable pocket clip, and a liner lock along with the normal spring action. I took it fully apart and removed the lock liner and re-assembled it. Also ditched the clip.  And, I reground the blade, to a full flat grind, run to a self edge (no secondary bevel).

All great improvements, but I still can’t seem to get along with that funky clip blade with the extremely long fine point.  It looks funny… It works OK but… I dunno. Its not just the looks, but I can’t put my finger on the reason. Just not my thing I guess. 

I actually always LOVED this frame shape in this size, having always wanted one of the original Scrades in that shape at this size, so I always thought it was the blade in this one that I disagree with… But earlier in the year I got a newer version of the Schrade…. And it doesn’t agree with me either, and it has a normal shape clip blade in it.. Maybe this handle frame is what puts me off…


I dunno.

Like I said, Just not my thing I guess.

So, anyway, I keep it as a holiday knife, since it is Christmas tree bone, I use it around the house through December, and use it at Christmas for packages, boxes etc.




With my peanut, and the new slimline trapper for size comparison.




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Yes, another new one.

Yes, there is a  new yellow slimline Case trapper inthose EDC pics I just posted.  :D

I was thinking that even though the standard 4-1/8″ two blade trappers don’t agree with me much, I should still try a mini trapper, and a slimline. I’d bid on the broken mini, but didn’t expect to get it, so I forgot about it.. Then decided what the heck, I’d get a Slim to try… Good thing I didn’t decide to get a new Mini, or I’d have ended up with two! Worked out nice that I accidentally, I got both patterns. :)

I settled for the cheaper yellow composite slimline instead of a fancy bone i wanted… Low on funds, and if I hate the pattern but love the handle it’d be hard to part with ;)

Also, the yellow comp. comes as a bare head, ie without the rear bolster, making it MUCH easier to re-handle later if I really do love the pattern. A god idea since I’ve never really liked the look of the yellow comp.   Although this one has great sheen, a slight transparency, good color… This one I really like the yellow comp on, so i think it’ll stay on it after all.

And the patter, do I like it?  Yes!  Its long and slim, almost elegant, a great flowing clip blade, thin as well as slim, but really comfortable.  Wouldn’t be a long use knife handle, but its gotta be a wicked slicer, and I think great for general carry!  

The mini trapper I’m still not 100% sure of(lets say 90% like), but this trapper pattern I really love so far! (granted thats after just one day, but first impressions being good are usually a great sign ;) )















With the only other yellow composite knife I have, a CV(carbon steel) Sodbuster. Another pattern I’m not 100% sure of… sorta 50/50 on this one. Also, I didn’t like the yellow comp on it much, it seemed too dull and sterile.. Maybe it needs the contrast to bolsters for me, but I also think the slim trapper has more shine to it.


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Another midnite capers’ carry.

From out running around late last night;













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Other project trappers.

The Mini project reminded me, I have two other trappers that I never finished.

The first is a Bear MGC. brand 4.125” standard two blade model, in carbon damascus blades. It was the first slipjoint I got when I started into folding knives, about 9.5 years ago(summer 2006).  Carried and used it a lot that summer, this sucker opened a LOT of cement bags pouring the footing for our garage that year.  

But I was never real enamored with the imitation stag handles on it(took until verry recently for me to like the stag look much at all other than Very specific specemins). First I simply re ground it to smooth white bone, and amberburnt it. But that wasn’t me either.

Eventually as I got other knives to use, and started moddifying folders, I got some nice stabilized camel bone for it, and took it apart to be re done in that bone, and copper bolsters.  That was around mid winter lat 2006, or maybe spring of ’07…  Its been sitting around since;







The other one I have is a Case, in stainless steel, from 1975.  

This I got as parts, just springs and blades from a guy on a knife modding forum, circa 2008…  I had gotten an old Camillus Peanut with a broken blade, and had asked around looking for a blade to fit it.  The guy I got this from misunderstood what I had, and thought it was a 4.125” trapper I had with a broken blade, and sent me these parts.  

After I got them, and we got on the same page, he refused to take them back, let me have them anyway.   I had intended to make liners and assemble it, but have never gotten around to it.  (liner in the pic is one I kept from a Rough Rider importi took apart to mod once, kept with these parts as a shape template).




Think maybe I’ll work on these in the next few weeks, see what I can do with them.

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Re-ground mini trapper, 1.0

15 min in the shop got me a nice sheepsfoot utility blade, a slightly tighter frame, straighter bolster, and a drop point out of the spey secondary blade.

The frame/liner gap is still there, although a bit less, but since both blades are good and tight with no play, I’m going to leave it. Tightening it fiurther would probably take a full tear down and re-assembly, and its not that important to me. Its basically an asthetic point now, and on a working knife, I don’t care enough to do it.  It’ll get a little tighter if I pein and blend the pin back in, which I’ll do one of these days soon.

The blade is perfectly fine with the pits in it for a user. I might take it to the grinder and take the whole blade out thinner with a full flat grind to take some of the pitting out. Maybe. Not sure I want the blade any thinner, or if I want it left thicker/stiffer.

The scales are getting darker the more I handle it, probably as it takes in oils from my hands. If you get it wet they get great color and sheen, but dry they are verry matte. SOmething has dried the bone out too much i think, or taken the glaze/shine off them.  I’ll try buffing them with a polish first, then maybe an oil bath, some older duller bone takes that to shine up.   Or I might leave it to shine up with use/handling.











Damp to show color;






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A new flame…

Or, a new flame source.

About two years ago, I lost, thankfully for just a few days, my 1951 Zippo. When I was sure it was gone, I started browsing, and ordered a new one. A cerulean blue iced over diamond plate.  The dealer got back to me and said they made an error and were sold out. Naturally I had other wants from browsing, so I dropped down to my second choice, the emerald green iced over clover leaves in the same style.  I love the sucker, its been I think my most carried lighter since.  

But, as they say, variety is the spice of life;  I finally got around to re-ordering the blue over diamond plate. :D











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New project knife.

Had been wanting one of these 3.5” mini trappers to try. The 4.25” version of which I’ve had several over the years never really agrees with me. Figured I’d try the smaller one. Found this one at a good deal at auction, used and abused. 

My winning bid was around $12. :D  For comparison, a new one would set me back about $40. Not expensive, but where’s the fun in that? ;)

Tang stamp dates it to 1998. It’s had a rough 17 years.. 

You can see the shield hase moved in the handle scale(although, possibly a factory defect, considering the large pocket around it…)  The front side pivot end bolster is turned slightly, there is a good gap along the back at the pivot end, and of couse the blade has been I think broken and re-ground.  The pivot pin is visible in both bolsters.. The spey blade sits crooked when open, and has been convex sharpened(no problem there, several of my knives I’ve convexed the edges).

I think the story goes that some idiot used that main blade as a pry bar, broke it, and in the process spread the liners/sides, eposing the pin in the bolsters, and tweaking the one bolster on the liner. Also proable tweaking/bending the pivot and canting the spey blade.. They then pressed/squeezed the end together again, or the natural tension returned it to this point.  And the blade was re-ground roughly. 

Also though, the pitting in the blade is deep, and rounded… Like its melted in. It looks like spatter type pitting from electric arc welding, like the blade was welded on. Broken blade, welded(or attempted to) back together? I hope not, it’d obviously ruin the heat treat/temper!

I will either;

Re-set the pin and true the liners as much as I can, re grind the blade, probably into a sheeps foot utility blade.


Fully take it apart and re assemble making a single blade knife with just the spey blade.

Haven’t decided yet.
























Its really a nice size, has a great feel in hand, just a little shorter than my half whittler.




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