Fixed my cell phone case!

Taking the front shell off of the case and having the phone on with a good data connection and signal, and then laying it into the back half of the case would kill all connectios in a few seconds. 

Remove from the case half and connections would restore in a minute or two.

Reverse/Repeat that operation, and the results would repeat each time.

So, it was either part of the large back pannel covering something in the back of the phone, or something covered by the rubber edge guard.

Before, I had found that if I just uncovered the top end of the phone, prying the full case open just enough to take the rubber off that end, I could get signal and data.  But that actually exposed a fair bit of the back too, although not super open, it made a tunnel/air gap where it was exposed…

I had been doing that though, exposing just the top because the top end of the phone has a teeny tiny, wee little sticker on it that says “DUALCOMM4G”  and I figured it has the 4G transceiver close to that spot.

(as a side note, NO diagram or manual that I could find anywhere on the net says or shows anything about where the antennas are on these things… Or do they even have an antenna anymore? or does the whole thing just eminate/absorb the signal?? )

The problem was, I could Either cut the top end of the rubber off and expose that end, OR cut the back panel out leaving the rubber bumper loop. Not both. And thus not one, then the other, so I had to chose right the first time.

Turns out the construction of the bach is rather robust plasic that a utility knife wouldn’t cut, and power cutting it I knew was going to make a melted mess. And cutting the rubber around the edges of the plastic back wouldn’t leave enough gripping the back of the phone to hold it all together after cutting…

That solved that choice.

So, I cut a generous, but also carefully selected section off the top end of the rubber, leaving a back ridge, but exposing all of the end area.

How it looked more or less before cutting, (this is actually the bottom end, since I forgot to take a ‘before’ pic of the top end)



And the area I cut out;








It still fits good and tight over the front peice, and holds it pretty secure, almost the same as before. Close anyway.  And the BIG improvement being that it worked! I now get good signal, and can get a good data connection from inside the case!

While I was at it, I also cut the built in screen protector out, ironic as that is since I got this case to begin with because it had that feature…  But the case just makes the whole phone too big for everyday use and carry. 

I need to be able to quickly and easilly put the case onto the phone without having to thoroughly clean the inside of one screen and the outside of the other first; To keep from trapping dirt etc between them, that could scuff or mark the phones’ screen(and be anoyingly seen in use too)

With a good screen protector installed directly onto the phone instead of in the case, I can use it without the case for the average days. And then days with rougher activities planned, simply snap the case on and go. I’ll probably end up with the case carried in the truck most of the time, to be able to add it onto the phone mid day if I need to.



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Last several days EDC

Same ole, same ole..

The 28th;





And from the 30th, but the 29th  was the same as the 30th with a pen change(and that pen I lost, my old faithful Zebra 301!) and adding my knipex pliers, and a field notes. Woulda been the same on the first IF I had carried anything at all..



















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Mail call!

From Perth, Western Australia of all places!

There had been a discussion on EDCF a few weeks ago about Vegimite, where I had mentioned that i was almost out, and had not been able to previously find it here… So Saturday this surprise came in the mail!

Thanks to whever you are that sent it! (No, I don’t know who! And I can’t just track it back to whoever I have given my address to… Thats a lot of folks, and I think, two, down that way in the world. And, there are a few guys that have it, that know I trust them enough to give it to anyone else they trust the same way… I do know and trust these guys that well. ITs one way I’ve managed to get some really cool gifts, like this one, in the mail over the years.)

I got my first tube of this stuff the same way about two years ago, a gift from one of the guys I know on EDCF from Oz.


Mailed June 15th, and I got it on the 27th.  12 days from Perth, W.A. Australia, to Two Rivers, Alaska USA aint too shabby!  (as I recall, the first tube came from down under to AK in about 6 or 7 days, faster than some packages I was getting from the east coast of the US at the time! )

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Someone has taken the half step to True Adventurism…

And wrote a book about it, which inspired AoM to do some adventuring.

“Getting Out There: My 8-Week Microadventure Challenge @ Art Of Manliness”

Its been coined Microadventures. 

The concept,

“[Adventure] is a state of mind, a spirit of trying something new and leaving your comfort zone. Adventure is about enthusiasm, ambition, open-mindedness, and curiosity….‘adventure’ is not only crossing deserts and climbing mountains; adventure can be found everywhere, every day, and it is up to us to seek it out.” –Alastair Humphreys, Microadventures

And in that statemment, he has really summed up a large part of ,y philosophies quite well, even if the main concept of Microadventures is still a more pointed concept, dirrected at doing thigs outside of everyday life itself.

“[Microadventures are] for aspiring adventurers who are looking for the confidence to kick on to bigger projects, as well as for seasoned adventurers wanting to learn more about their local area or scratch the itch of adventure in between big trips. It’s for people with real jobs and real lives, with a couple of kids and a cat to feed. It’s for people who love reading about adventure, who yearn for adventure, but who think that they are too busy, too old, too fat, or too urbanized to be able to get out there and do it.” –AH


The book is called, simply; Microadventures

I see the book in my future, since this is all verry close to my life philosphy and lifestyle, and yes, even I aspire to do the more Epic types of things classically defined as “adventures”. :)  I could use the push to get out and do more of the things that are in between my Adventures Of Life, and the big Super World Traveler type stuff.

Although, I do say they have only made the half step from the classic concept of Adventures, and are not quite yet to the True Adventurism Mind Set. Where Adventure is a life style without changing your life or what you do. The philosophy I follow, that EVERY DAY is an Adventure, in the FACT that no two days are ever the same, and anything can, and Does happen at any time. Life itself is unpredictable, unexpected, and surprising. Most people call it bumps, or hitches, or problems that crop up… I call it the unexpected, the fun, the interesting, or yes even the bad at times, but always The Adventure Of Living.

Huh. A buddy of mine has suggested once or twice that I write a book about some of the bigger  “outside the norm” type Adventures I have had… I think he’s nuts, since they were adventures at the time, and are great storries in most cases… but not big enough nor really enough of them to be anything anyone would want to read, in my opinion. 

But it does beg the thought, Maybe I should write a book on my concepts and philosophies, ie “The Next Step To True Adventurism In All Of Life”. LOL.(an interesting thought for compiling my ideas and philosophy together into one place, but it ain’t likey to happen!!)

((NO, I am not poking fun at, making fun of, Nor critisizing AoMs post, nor Mr. Humphreys, or his book. Just comparing and observing. It really is an interesting topic for me since it Is So Close to my own thoughts and concepts. No offense or critisim are meant by my comments here. ))

And Brett at AoM did a Fantastic job with his 8 week challenge too! I must admit that even I might not be able to do 8 Microadventures on that concept, for 8 weeks in a row, and I live dead center in one of the worlds Most Epic “Adventure Places”, Alaska.   Simply because my life, as simple as it is, Is verry unpredictable, and busy with the everyday random Life Adventures that happen…  I don’t have a family, kids, nor a steady job to work around to do that sort of outward/active activities, and yet I have a hard time finding the time and energy to do them. I commend and greatly respect any and all of the weekend warriors out there that do fit it in with work and family, and who are able to make it work!


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Supcase Unicorn Beelte Problem.

Made a startling discovery Friday night.

I couldn’t for the life of me get it to connect to a Data network all day. Well, OK, at times it would connect to the Edge network, but it wouldn’t recieve or transmit. At times it would connect to 4G, but not recieve or transmit. And Never connected to the 4G LTE at all.

Take the top half of the case loose opening a gap between the halves about 3/4″ at the top, and BANG it connects to 4G LTE!! :eek:

Close the case and it drops it to 4G, then almost instantly stops all data transfer, and within a few minutes drops connection.

Open it up, and, you guessed it, connection again.

So, I jumped online to do some research, (which admitedly I should have done Before buying it), and searched for signal blocking issuses for this phone and this case, and Any phone with this case… And… Nothing. Apparently I’m the first!

But I did find a lot of info about other cases doing this to other phones… Apparently, the real trendy metal and carbon fiber cases are also the worst thing you can get for signal blocking. Soposedly carbon fiber can block 40% to 60%!! (not quoting technical facts here, just what I’ve been reading… )

Now, the data block I can live with if I know about it, since the only time I use it is sitting around killing time, where I could open the case slightly. Or to get weather info, and for that I can open the case to connect and get it… A small hassle, but doable.

BUT, I also missed a call today when I shouldn’t have, with the phone sitting in the same place it has been when I’m at home, for the past 3.5 weeks, where I hadn’t missed a call all of that time. And my call back was really splotchy, lots of static etc.. Worse than its ever been with this phone in any location..

So, I get the feeling that its also blocking the regular cellular network, which I just can’t have. In town with full bars it might be fine to lose a bar, but since I get such bad reception out here anyway… :nah_disagree:

I’ll go ahead and use it for a day or two and see how much it interferes with regular calls and text service over the non data network.

But… :cry:

I get the feeling that I’ll end up with a simple tempered glass screen protector, and just being bloody careful with the rest of the phone like I have been doing.

Hows that for short lived use of a new item? 24 hours max before I find a serious issue! :rolleyes::nah_disagree:

Guess its better to find it now, than go for a week and not know its blocking my calls!

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New piece of gear; Supcase Unicorn Beelte

Finally got a case for my new phone. I actually manged to keep the phone rather clean and un marred for almost a month, but dirty greasy work days were driving me nuts… Greasy, grimey hands and and expensive screens are not a good combo.

Yeah i know, I bought the Active version of the S5 for its durrability and waterproofness, and now I stick it in a case anyway… But I figure for some of the things I do, as much protection as I can get on a $700 piece of pocket computer, the better! ;)

Took a lot of digging around to find a case with a built in screen protector, since I didn;t want a gap between case and screen edges to seep stuff into, and also it seemed pointless to buy a case AND buy a sepperate screen protector…  Pointless for an expensive plastic box to not at least protect All sides of the phone! 

Also, took some digging to get that feature in something reasonably compact, and afforadble, AND in a color and style I could stand.

I actually ended up not finding a color I wanted in the case I liked, so I went with the next best thing; White. I can mask the screen and the rubber border and go at it with the air brush and do anthing I want to it! ;)

So anyway, here is the Supcase Beetle Unicorn(serriously, who names this stuff?? )

I ended up paying $30, only moderately less than what I considered too much to pay for THE popular “bulletproof: case, the Otterbox at $35… But, thats how it goes sometimes…lol.

And besides that, a couple things I’ve read say that the Otterbox for my phone Does Not have a built in screen protector. I dunno for sure, thats just what I’ve read. Wasn’t a deciding factor though, I read that after getting the Beetle.

The only thing I didn’t get that I wanted, and as far as I can tell isn’t available with Any case, is a cover over the camera lense… So I’m still babbying the thing at times, to make sure not to scratch or muck up the camera. But its still a lot better than wondering about the whole phone!

Just gotta get used to the added bulk in my pocket, since I had Finally gotten used to the bulk of the phone itself.

Stock photo, since I can’t take a pic of the phone With the phone… Lol.


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Smoke update.

Its a LOT thinner today, a lot of it cleared out yesterday afternoon. Still here, but less of it.

These pics are from Wed, when it was Really thick out.

In my yard, you can see how easy it is to see in the 100 ft or less to the end of my driveway.




Same areas on the road where I had posted pics of on Monday or Tuesday.









And then in towards town, at our church, about 16 miles west, and lower in the valley, closer to where the fire is(that fire is still ~50 miles from that location though). The closer you get to town, the thicker it was… This is about three miles out of the bowl/off the river, couple hundred feet higher, and it was noticably worse than this down in town on the flats, that night.(no pics, I didn’t go, but my mother had) 








Like I daid though, it lifted out yesterday to where you couldn;t see it in my yard.

Today you can see it in the yard, but its not as bad as Wed. was.


It rained some places Wed night, although not out at my place. But I did get some rain for a few hours this morning/early afternoon.  Soposed to rain and thunderstorm(unfortunetally) off and on through the weekend.

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Sun and clouds..

And smoke too. Heavy layer of smoke under light clouds, and I somehow manages to catch the sun through a small hole in the clouds..  Around 9pm on 6–25–15






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