Great Joke…

A man travelling on foot suffered a minor sprain, and was offered lodging at a nearby monastery while he recovered.

As he settled in the first night, the old abbot in charge asked him if there was anything else he needed for his comfort. The man answered, “as a matter of fact, if it’s not too much trouble, I could use a bowling ball, a fiddle bow, a brass trombone, and a pair of rubber trousers.” The old abbot was baffled by the man’s request, but as he knew the monastery happened to have all of these things on hand, he had them brought to the man’s room.

That night, the monks were kept awake by the most horrible noise imaginable coming from their guest’s quarters.

The following night, the man repeated his request for a bowling ball, a fiddle bow, a brass trombone, and a pair of rubber trousers, and the old abbot, feeling uncomfortable refusing what he had provided before, again supplied his guest with the items.

Again the most awful noise sounded from the man’s room that night, and on the third night, the entire sequence of events was repeated.

On the fourth day, the man was healed of his injuries, and thanked the abbot for his generous hospitality in preparation to depart. The old abbot, burning with curiosity, said to his guest:”We were happy to provide you with those things, but sir, I must know, what did you need them for?”

The man responded: “Well, it’s an old family secret, but since you have been so good to me, I’ll tell you, if you promise never to tell another living soul.”

The old abbot swore as he was asked, and since he was a man of his word, the rest of us will never know what the traveler wanted each night with a bowling ball, a fiddle bow, a brass trombone, and a pair of rubber trousers.



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5.26.15s’ Carry, and a new lighter.

First day in a while that anything has changed.  Also the first “day off” I’ve had in about 9 days, where I haven’t had to work/run/be someplace etc… Actually got to rest a little, so light carry for today.   (I swear I’m going to have to get a “real” job just so I can slow down and get some real rest!!!)




New lighter came today, one of my birthday presents to myself. Looks like a Zippo but it ain’t, its a knock off.  A knock off allowed me a design that I liked, instead of settling for something that I only sorta like on a Zippo.

Nice solid built lighter, especially for about $10. A little squarer than a Zippo, and a touch thicker… About two touches ;) taller. Inside insert is bigger too, I had to shim my Thunderbird butane insert in with some cardstock. A little play in the lid when closed, but it still opens and closes securely, and even Zippos have that play after the first decade anyway…



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Just about the same as it has been for a while now… Gauze padd on the right was for possible rebandaging a small(5/8” ish dia) raw spot I have worn in my left palm…  Ear plugs were for running a mower, but I never actually remembered to wear them.



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Sunset looking almost due north, at about midnight, night of 5–20–15.


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Tuesday the 19th of May, EDC.





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Those scales with their finish applied

The first set done, with thier clear coat did darken up a little;



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5-18-15 edc

Couple changes, went to my Seiko 5 automatic watch, the new bracelet, and my Ford Zippo (with Thunderbird butane insert)  No money clip, didn’t go anywhere… although I did drive so I should  have had it for my DL..




Some usage pics that got taken with the pics for a project I did(a process walkthrough I will be posting later)  This isn;t all that knife got used for yesterday either. Busy day. It even cut an old tarp in half and still had an edge after! (Ive found tarps to be rather hard on edges before) It was duller, but pretty dang good. Apparently there is something other than hype to the wear resistance of D2… I’ve actually been noticing that more and more, since I’ve been using the snot out of this sucker for almost 2.5 months, and have yet to need to sharpen it!

Spirit gripping;


The EDCF Queen;













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New Barkie scales

Have had the material for probably 2 months, and I Finally got around to making the new acrylic scales for my Bark River Bravo Necker… Material is an acrylic/acrylester called Royal Harvest.












Ended up with some sanding marks/deep scratches left in the finish that I couldn’t see before the final buff/polish.. Not sure yet if I will go back and sand to a higher grit, finish it super smooth, or leave them… YOu sorta have to look for them, and a little grip they provide might be better than the usual glassy smooth grip you get with the acrylics. I’ll try it as is for a while and see how it goes.

Please Forgive the buffing compound residue left in it in the pics… WD40 is the only thing I’ve found that takes it off easily, but it was 1am at this point and I didn’t feel like walking all the way out to the other shop to get it.. ;)

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